IMECIG® L1 E-Cigarette with LED

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E-cigarette Kit Contents:

IMECIG L1 E-Cigarette with LED Indicator


Atomizer Coil

Protective Case

White & Black units


Built-in high quality battery cells.

Short circuit, overload, atomizer and low voltage protection fully incorporated.

Transparent atomizer tank for easy visibility of fluid level.

Two spare coils. E-cigarette coils have a lifespan and must be replaced when you begin to notice a burnt taste to the e-liquid flavour.

Comes with two replacement mouthpieces, made of improved high-temperature-resistant PC material. Comfortable to use.

Led management indicator. When vaping the led lights up to indicate the perfect draw / puff.



Please note this kit does not contain any e-liquids. If you require an e-liquid please see our selection here.

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